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14-Point Maintenance Inspection

ALT's quick service, available when you need it, assures faster turnaround times and less downtime.

14-Point Maintenance Inspection

Maintenance Matters!

A complete checkup for your boom truck, ALT's 14-Point Maintenance Inspection is a careful examination of critical checkpoints. Every detail is covered, from servicing the boom to setting up the crane and checking all functions. Ask yourself, are you getting the most out of your fleet? Are you treating these expensive machines the way you treat the car you park in the driveway? It doesn't matter if you bought it here — although you should have. We service them all.

Know that each one of our service techs is a factory-trained professional and a proud member of the ALL Family of Companies, North America's largest crane and lift equipment sales and rental networks.

14-Point Maintenance Inspection

Step by Step

  1. Service Boom

    • Check and adjust cables
    • Inspect wear pads and shins
    • Grease all fittings and lube boom
  2. Service Winch

    • Check winch fluid and top off
    • Torque all mounting hardware
    • Load test winch
  3. Complete Wire Rope Inspection

    • Lube and inspection
  4. Rotation Bearing Inspection

    • Check and torque all mounting hardware
    • Check and inspect for excessive play on bearings
    • Grease inner bearings
    • Lube outer gear
  5. Service Rotation System

    • Check swing box fluid level and top off
    • Grease inner bearing
    • Adjust backlash on pinion gear
  6. Service ATB System

    • Adjust ATB tension
    • Zero out and adjust angle indicator
    • Clean and test commentator
    • Test ATB system and ATB wire
  7. Service Hydraulic Systems

    • Check hydraulic filter
    • Check hydraulic tank breather
    • Top off fluid up to 5 gallons
  1. Hydraulic Hose

    • Check all hydraulic hoses for cracks, dry rot, chafing, etc.
  2. Service Operator Warning Systems

    • Complete check on LMI, HYCAS, and all ECA systems, oil line systems, etc.
    • Check pressure and reliefs
    • Service for PAT, Greer, Kreuger, and Wyley systems
  3. Lower Crane Inspection

    • Check transmission fluid level and top off
    • Check and inspect PTO
    • Check and inspect hydraulic pump
  4. Complete Outrigger Inspection

    • Load test all outriggers and inspect
    • Perform leak down test
    • Inspection of outrigger wear pads
  5. Inspect Load Block

    • Check safety latches
    • Grease or replace ball-bearing swivels
    • Inspect hook for twist or separation
    • Check all pins, keepers, and fasteners
  6. Check and Inspect All Mounting Hardware

    • Check and torque mounting hardware
    • Check and inspect frame spacers
    • Check and inspect all shear plates
  7. Set Up Crane

    • Test all functions

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